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ECU Career Services supports and empowers students in their career development to succeed as professionals in a global community. While we attempt to support your student, we also hope that parents and families also help us collaboratively engage their student in gaining career-readiness skills. This page answers frequently asked questions that parents and families have regarding career development and provides additional resources to help students prepare for career success.


When should my student begin utilizing Career Services?

It is never too early to begin planning for graduation. Career Services helps student from the time they arrive on campus through six months after graduation. We hope that you encourage your student to utilize our services and attend programs early and often in their college career at ECU.

How can my student make an appointment to get career planning assistance?

ECU Career Services offers drop-in, 15 minute appointments from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm on Monday-Friday while classes are in session. Students can also schedule an appointment with their career liaison online through Handshake. For a list of locations and hours click here.

To make an appointment login to Handshake and select “Appointments” under the Career Center link on the homepage.

Where should my student go if they are uncertain about their major or career goal?

ECU Career Services provides one-on-one career counseling to help students choose their major or decide what they can do with a specific academic major. We recommend calling our office at 252.328.6050 to schedule a counseling session with our career liaisons. We also have ECU exclusive resources available for all students that include:

What Can I Do With a Major In:

  • ECU specific module that shows career possibilities connected to academic majors

Major & Career Planning Webpage:

  • A complete list of resources and tools provided by Career Services for ECU students

Academic Advising Contact List:

Where can my student find part-time job opportunities?

ECU Career Services assists students in securing both on and off-campus part-time jobs.

On Campus Jobs:

  • Students can search ECU Human Resources for student employment opportunities
  •  Federal Work Study
    • Qualifying for Federal Work-Study positions depend on a student’s financial aid package and successful submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1st.  Please visit the ECU Office of Student Financial Aid website for more information.  The Office of Student Financial Aid will initiate all communication, with qualified students, regarding available Federal Work-Study positions.

Off Campus Jobs, Handshake:
An exclusive database of off campus internship and job opportunities.

When and how should my student search for internships?

ECU Career Services assists students in securing internships throughout their time at ECU.  63% of college students complete at least one internship and 7 out of 10 interns are offered full-time jobs. We strongly suggest all students consider completing an internship during or before their junior year.

Internships On Campus Jobs:

  • Students can search ECU Human Resources for student employment opportunities

Internships Off Campus, Handshake:
An exclusive database of off campus internship and job opportunities

Should my student attend a career fair, even as a freshman?

Yes, attending career fairs early and often is extremely beneficial to students even when they are not actively seeking full-time employment. Students who attend career fairs can learn how to navigate large networking events with hundreds of employers and gain confidence in their ability to communicate. Establishing relationships with employers and recruiters is also an added benefit to attending career fairs early and often in their academic careers.

What is CO-OP and should my student complete one?

Student’s interested in CO-OP should first visit the ECU CO-OP Program webpage for initial information. They can also schedule an appointment by calling 252.328.6050 or emailing

How can my company or organization hire ECU students?

If you or your company have a part-time, Co-op, internship, or full- time positions that are currently open, please consider ECU students and alumni in your hiring process. You can post these positions on Handshake and advertise exclusively to ECU Pirates.

For more information on recruiting at ECU visit the Recruitment page.

What are some upcoming events that I should let my students know about?

For a complete list of events hosted by ECU Career Services visit:

For additional information on how ECU Career Services can assist you and your student in achieving their career success, please contact our office at or call 252.328.6050.