Practice Interviews

Career Services offers a variety of opportunities for you to practice and polish your interview skills. Interview practice is available for jobs, internships and graduate school admission and can be conducted in person, by phone, by videoconference, or virtually. Try one or try them all.

To schedule a practice interview appointment login to Handshake and select “Appointments” under the Career Center link from the homepage.

  • In Person Interviews: A Career Counselor or Volunteer will ask you standard interview questions and help you determine what the question is really asking. Feedback will focus on the content of your answers, delivery, and non-verbal communication.
  • Telephone Interviews:  Without the benefit of non-verbal communication cues, telephone interviews can be challenging.  A Career Counselor or Volunteer will help you develop strategies to enhance your listening and speaking skills.
  • Video-conference Interviews:  Video chat software such as Skype or Google Hangouts is frequently used as a means to pre-screen candidates. Various challenges accompany video chat interviews and a Career Counselor or Volunteer will help you understand how to best utilize the technology.
  • Virtual Interviews: You will record yourself responding to a set of pre-recorded questions software.  You may select from a pre-designed interview or build a customized interview using a database of 7000 questions. You can evaluate the interview using an assessment provided by and/or you can make an appointment with a counselor to review the interview together.

To prepare for your practice interview:

  • What will be the basis of my interview? Before your interview you will research job and internship data bases and select an entry level posting in your field. You may use Handshake, which provides you with thousands of job and internship listings.
  • What Should I Wear? Dress in a suit or professional business attire for all interviews including in-person, videoconferencing, phone, and
  • Where Will I Park? Student parking is not available at the main office. Allow enough travel time to locate a parking spot.



To make a Practice Interview appointment, login to Handshake and select “Appointments” under the Career Center link on the homepage.