Cover Letter Samples

While the resume serves as an “advertisement” and overview of your background, the cover letter can heighten the employer’s incentive to learn more about you and connect your skills to the opportunity. Written communication also demonstrates your ability to construct and convey your writing abilities. Cover letters serve the same purpose to introduce who you are and your reason for writing.

Make sure you customize your letter to the requirements of the position and the employer’s needs. Know your reader and the organization. PROOFREAD, PROOFREAD AND THEN PROOFREAD AGAIN! Spell and grammar check. Check your format and punctuation. Be brief, but detailed and double check that your content is addressed and detailed for the correct employer! Don’t make an employer guess why you are writing or what you are writing about. In choosing your words, think about the purpose of your letter and details of your individual circumstances.

Below are some sample letters to help get started:

Communication Cover Letter

Graphic Design Cover Letter-Email

Journalism Cover Letter

Nursing Cover Letter

Public Health Cover Letter

Rec & Leisure Studies Cover Letter


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